Vastu Dosh Nivaran – Remedies for 10 common Vastu Dosh

Vastu Dosh or Vastu issues commonly refer to flaws or deficiencies in the characteristics of natural elements with respect to your home or office elements. While a few are minor defects that can be rectified by changing arrangements , a few major defects are also possible. It is said that Vastu Dosh Nivaran can bring about great changes in lives by eliminating common problems such as financial issues, family feuds, delayed marriage, issues in family life, career obstructions etc,.

Here are some of the most common Vastu Dosh and their remedies or Vastu dosh Nivaran

1. The north east direction is considered the luckiest and prosperous direction of all in your home. An opening in the direction brings home wealth and luck. Not having an opening in this direction will cut the flow – Have at least a small opening in the direction for good cash flow.- Combine as vastu purush idol, a snake idol in silver , a copper wire, a red coral gemstone and a pearl and wrap them in red cloth and place in the east direction.

2. Similarly, if the south-west direction is not closed then the luck will exit through. – Do not keep the South-west room vacant or give it on rent. The south west direction of the house holds great significance and hence in order to remove any Dosh related to this you will have to perform Pitru Shanti, Narayan Bali or Nagabali.

3. Defects in the Northeast direction can cause family disputes, business disputes and other such fights at home – Also, wrap red sand cashew and powla in a red cloth and place it in the west direction on Tuesdays for peace at home.

4. South east direction is an important part of the home that beings good relationship and happiness in the family especially for women. For defects in this direction – Lighting a lamp near the drinking water pot and Tulsi Plant is said to bring peace and harmony at home.

5. Mirrors are considered a great method to deflect energy. But placing them in the west or south direction will mean they will deflect the positive energy out of your homes.- Vastu Dosh Yantras are available to place at home to absorb negative energy.

6. Entering the house by touching the main door frame or doorstep in considered a vastu dosh- Avoid entering the house with your feet touching the doorstep. Also, stick a symbol of swastika or Lord Ganesha decorated with Kumkum to eliminate such Vastu Dosh.

7. Having a swimming pool in the southwest, west or south part of the home design is a dosh- Placing the swimming pool in the northeast or north or east directions is very beneficial and auspicious.

8. Defects in the south east direction of the house can cause bad health in the family – Crystals are considered a great way of increasing the energy levels at home and hence can be used to remove Vastu dosh. Reiki crystals can be kept at home for good health.

9. During reconstruction trying to reuse items like main door, wooden items or compound doors is a vastu Dosh – Get rid of any old items such as clay pots or doors in the new premises. Hang wind chimes in the reconstructed place to keep away any negative energy.

10. The first wall you see when you enter the house should not be naked – Place a ganesha idol or picture on the wall.

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