Vastu Dosh Nivaran – Remedies for 10 common Vastu Dosh

The Puja room of a house should be such that, a person should instantly feel refreshed as soon as they walk in. The room should make one feel peaceful and in touch with his or her God. The above mentioned environment is very much doable with the help of positive ideas and vastu tips. The puja room is the most important room in the house and if it is placed in the wrong direction, it won’t give you any positive results.

Following are a few pointers:

  • Puja room should never be under a staircase
  • It shouldn’t be located near the bathroom
  • Your feet shouldn’t point towards the puja room when you sleep
  • The room should be located ideally on the ground floor of the house
  • The south isn’t a good location for a puja room at all as it is ruled by Yama – the god of death
  • The roof of the puja room should be shaped like a triangle. This is for facilitating smooth flow of positive energy.

Where it should be located

The best location for a puja room is the north-east corner. The north and the east are also good directions but north-east is the best. This is because according to Vastu, the north-east receives maximum sunlight and hence emits positive energy.

If the north-east room isn’t available for making a puja room, then the north-east corner of a room is the ideal choice. The idols should be placed in such a way that the person doing the puja faces the north or the east.

Where it shouldn’t be located

Bedrooms shouldn’t have puja idols or anything to do with puja at all.

Environment of the room

The room should have plenty of natural air and light and it should allow for cross-ventilation. A room which is closed at one end (no windows) isn’t a good choice for doing puja. The positive energy should be allowed to move elsewhere in the house.

If by any chance the room doesn’t get enough sunlight, then artificial arrangements should be made accordingly. The lack of light can be still made up for, unlike the lack of air.


The colour of the walls of the puja room should be ideally white. Other suitable colours include blue, violet and light yellow.

Do’s and don’t’s

1. Keep the puja room clean at all times

2. Do not place a dustbin at the room

3. Do not place any cabinet/storage unit above the idols

4. Do not sleep in the puja room

5. The idols should be in perfect condition and not broken or repaired

6. Do not keep photos of dead relatives in the puja room

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